Can Deer Smell Thermacell?

Thermacell is a popular Thermo-electric mosquito repellent that uses heat and an insecticide to ward off mosquitos and other flying insects. Thermacell has been around for many years, but do deer smell Thermacell?

Deer can’t smell Thermacell any more than they smell humans, so you don’t have to worry about that. Thermacell is a bug deterrent used by hunters and outdoor enthusiasts because it repels mosquitos, flies, ticks and other pests. It also comes in an Earth Cover scent that can mask human odor.

Thermacell also keeps pesky deer away from your campsite or home! Read more about Thermacell’s innovative technology here.

Why Use Thermacell?

Thermacell is a Thermo-electric mosquito repellent that uses heat and an insecticide to ward off mosquitos. It doesn’t use chemicals that irritate your skin or harm the environment. Thermacell is the only Thermo-electric bug repellent that uses all natural products like allethrin (a synthetic copy of a naturally occurring insecticide found in chrysanthemum flowers) and geraniol, which comes from plants. Thermacell has been tested time after time to prove it repels mosquitos.

What Is Allethrin?

Allethrin is a synthetic insect repellent used in many bug repellent sprays and systems. It isn’t naturally occuring and it is very slightly toxic to humans. Like any other repellent, it should be used as needed and not to excess.

But it is based on the chemical structure of chrysanthemums because that flower has a natural compound called pyrethrum that is a natural insecticie. Overall, allethrin is fairly safe for the environment. It affects insects by affecting their nerve function .

Does Thermacell Smell Like Chrysanthemums?

This is a great question, since Thermacell’s repellent power relies on allethrin, a synthetic version of the insecticide in mums. So, does allethrin have a scent? Only very slightly, and if the wind is blowing. Otherwise, it is fairly imperceptible, compared to other insecticides.

Why Does Thermacell Help When Deer Hunting?

It is virtually impossible to stay still and quiet when you are being bit by mosquitos and other insects while in the woods. Thermacell keeps them away without the use of DEET or other chemicals. The best part of being bug-free (aside from avoiding bites and the diseases they can bring to you) is that you can stay still and relaxed, and the deer won’t hear you!

In fact, Thermacell’s Earth Cover can actually help to mask your human scent.

Why Use Insect Repellent in the Woods?

Whether you are deer hunting, camping, or just enjoying the outdoors in general, Thermacell is a great solution. You can’t always avoid using bug spray if it’s really buggy out there! However, DEET and other chemicals can be dangerous to use around your face and eyes.

Why Use Thermacell Instead of Bug Sprays When Hunting?

You want to avoid bug sprays because they are stinky and because they aren’t good for your health. Above and beyond that, deer hunters want to avoid these because the deer can smell the chemicals and Thermacell is DEET-free!

The best part of using Thermacell in the woods for hunting or camping is that you don’t have to worry about your scent coming from bug spray. Thermacell uses allethrin, which won’t hurt wildlife but will keep those bugs out of your face and away from your hiding spot.

Is the DEET in Other Repellents Bad for Hunters?

DEET isn’t terribly toxic or anything, but it should be used with caution. Cleveland Clinic says that a little goes a long way and you should limit your exposure to DEET, especially off of your eyes, hands and mouth.

The worst part about DEET-based sprays is that they usually leave an odor behind.

Do Deer Smell Insect-Repellent Clothing?

You don’t want to purchase insect-repellent gear if it has a smell. And most good gear won’t have a scent because the manufacturer knows what it is for. Repellent pants can be very valuable when you are crouching down low to the ground while hunting. If you go for an insect-repellent jacket, just make sure there is no smell to it and the reviews are good. Then, give it a try. It sure can’t hurt.

If the repellent doesn’t seem effective, or once it wears off, at the very least you have another change of hunting clothes.

Can I Spray My Hunting Gear With Insect Repellent?

This isn’t recommended unless you are certain the repellent is odor-free. Otherwise, you may be setting yourself up to be smelled by deer. In this case, it’s just safer all around to go with Thermacell when hunting.

Thermacell Is Effective Bug Protection When Deer Hunting

Deer can’t smell much of Thermacell and they won’t hear you moving around when you can be nice and still because your area is bug-free.