If using Thermacell, you’ll want to know what bus it does and does not work for. You want to keep the bad bugs and biting pests away, but you don’t want to harm helpful linsect or other wildlife. So, which insects does Thermacell take care of?

Thermacell repels mosquitos, deer ticks, black flies and other flying insects. Even Thermacell’s tick formula does not work on dog ticks. None of the Thermacell products harm bees, butterflies or other insects. It simply repels bugs; it does not kill them.

The main difference between insecticides and repellents is the idea of killing vs. deterring. Thermacell doesn’t kill bugs; it keeps them away. That is key in giving you peace of mind. Read on to learn more.

Does Thermacell Kill Bugs or Repel Them?

Thermacell insect repellents uses allethrin, which is a synthetic copy of pyrethrum. Pyrethrum comes from chrysanthemums and it works as insecticide on mosquitos, ticks and other insects.

Even Thermacell Tick Control does not generally harm beneficial insects, even though it does kill ticks. It uses permethrin which targets ticks directly. It is not something that is broadly distributed and can kill other insects nearby.

However, permethrin likely very toxic to bees and other pollinators, so it is advisble to use it when bees are not actively out doing their work. If you are camping or hunting deep in the woods, odds are that there are not a lot of bees out pollinating in that area, anyway.

Why Thermacell Works on Mosquitos

Mosquitos are attracted by carbon dioxide and other scents, so you will get notice when they get close. Thermacell insect repellent works because it masks your scent with chemicals that mosquitos cannot stand to be around.

The insect repellent in Thermacell is allethrin, which is a synthetic copy of a chemical found naturally occurring in chrysanthemums. Allethrin was discovered by the United States Department of Agriculture and made commercially available after being synthesized in 1974.

Why Thermacell Does Not Work on Dog Ticks

Dog ticks, also known as wood ticks and deer tick, are not repelled by insecticide. They can still transmit Lyme disease to humans or pets so it is important to wear protective clothing such as long sleeves pants and insect repellent when you spend time in the woods where dog ticks may be present.

Why Thermacell Does Work on Deer Ticks?

Yes, Thermacell works on deer ticks. The insecticide from the Thermacell cartridge repels deer ticks and black-legged tick nymphs that can transmit Lyme disease to humans or pets when they bite them.

Thermacell Tick Control Tubes help control deer ticks by using the mice that the same ticks feed on. This works especially well on your own property. Place the tubes in your yard where you know mice like to hang out. The mice will take the insecticide-coated cotton out of the tubes and take it back to their nest. This can kill thousands of ticks.

Are Thermacell Tick Tubes Dangerous to Animals?

No, Thermacell insect repellent is a safe way to protect pets from ticks. The insecticide from the Tick Tubes only affects deer ticks and not dog or other types of tick species that can transmit Lyme disease if they bite your pet. Do you want your dog to grab hold of it and eat it? No. Use and place accordingly.

Will Thermacell Tick Tubes Kill Ladybugs and Bees?

No, Thermacell insect repellent will not affect ladybugs. They are too large. The tick repellant will not hurt bees or butterflies. They are larger insects that can’t fit into the insecticide-laced cotton in a Thermacell insect repellant device. They have no reason to go there.

Thermacell Keeps Away Pests and Leaves Good Bugs Alone

Thermacell won’t harm nature, if used correctly. It won’t kill the beneficial insects around you when used appropriately. If you are concerned about repelling good bugs, use Thermacell at times when beneficial insects are not hard at work.

When Do Bees and Butterflies Pollinate?

Bees and butterflies are most active when temperatures are between 50°F (15.16˚C) and 80°F (26.67˚C). They are pollinating in the daytime , when they are most active. If you use Thermacell insect repellent in the evenings, bees and butterflies will not be around.

Is Thermacell Safe to Use in My Flower Garden?

Thermacell insect repellent will not harm bees or butterflies that visit your flower garden if you are using it in the evenings, when you want to sit around your firepit. And the protection of Thermacell dissipates after a few hours, so you don’t have to worry about any after-effects the next day, when your pollinators are active.