It’s a good idea to know how to clean an Osprey water bladder. They work great and you’ll want to keep yours sanitary and in good shape. If your Osprey reservoir is dirty or giving you trouble, don’t just buy a new one!

Osprey water bladders are made to be easy to clean. Osprey sells a reservoir cleaning kit for ensuring the bladder is cleaned thoroughly. Osprey recommends using Osprey’s cleanser or another mild, non-abrasive cleaner designed for cleaning and sanitizing.

Osprey uses antimicrobial technology in their reservoir to fight bacterial growth and prevent odors, so they can be used without cleaning for longer than most hydration packs. Read on to learn more.

How to Clean an Osprey Water Bladder

You should be emptying and rinsing your water bladder after each use. If you are using an energy drink mix or another sugary beverage in your pack, you’ll need a deeper cleaning.

Empty and rinse the bladder, than use cleaning tablets or use a gentle detergent to wash the bladder. Use cleaning kit that has special brushes to reach the seams of the water bladder.

Keeping the Osprey water bladder is easy with the right tools. If you don’t have the tools, you can squish the detergent around with warm (NOT hot) water and massage the bag to get all the curves and crannies. Then rinse very well and hang to dry in a clean, dry area.

How to Deep Clean an Osprey Water Bladder Clean

Follow all of the steps above, but also make sure to clean the bite valve and hoses.

Can Bacteria Form in an Unwashed Water Bladder?

It’s certainly possible, but it’s unlikely. Osprey water bladders are designed to keep the hoses and bite valves safe from contamination. You can assist in the effort by cleaning them after each use.

However, if you are not maintaining proper cleaning and sanitation procedures, bacteria can form. Bacteria likes warm, wet places. And if there is sugar involved, now you’ve given it food. Keep your water bladder clean, sanitized and dry when not in use.

What Is an Osprey Water Bladder?

Osprey water bladders are reservoirs that Osprey uses in hydration packs to carry water. Osprey water bladders are made with 100% BPA-Free Polyethylene Glycol (otherwise known as PEG).

Osprey updated their formulation in 2013 to produce two types of Osprey water bladders – their standard Osprey reservoirs and Osprey’s Antidote reservoir. Osprey also makes Osprey bottles used for kids and Osprey hydration system bottle pockets that fit on a belt or waist strap of Osprey packs.

Osprey is known for high-quality, high-capacity water packs that keep you hydrated all day long when adventuring.

What Is Osprey Water Bladder Used For?

Osprey water bladders are used in Osprey hydration packs to carry and filter water. Osprey water bladders come in a variety of sizes and with many different types of fittings for Osprey packs.

Osprey makes reservoirs that fit most Osprey backpacks and others. Almost any backpack can be retrofitted to use an Osprey reservoir. These reservoirs can be filled and inserted into any backpack for fresh water on a hike.

Can an Osprey Water Bladder Go in the Dishwasher?

Osprey water bladders are best cleaned by hand. Osprey recommends that Osprey reservoirs be rinsed with clean water after each use. Osprey reservoirs should also be stored empty, without the cap in place to allow for air circulation inside the reservoir to reduce mold growth.

Osprey Vacuum Water Bottles can go in the dishwasher, but only on the top shelf and on the gentle or delicate setting. Osprey does not recommend placing Osprey water reservoirs in the dishwasher.

Where to Buy an Osprey Water Bladder

Osprey water bladders are readily available online and through the manufacturer. While some camping and hiking goods can be purchased used, a water bladder is simply not one of those things. It is better to purchase new.

If you need replacement parts and cleaning supplies and tools, those can also be easily found online.

What If an Osprey Water Bladder Is Punctured?

Osprey water bladders are built with a spill-proof design. Osprey does not recommend using the Osprey water bladder for other tasks, such as carrying items that can puncture it or cutting into it because of this. Osprey water bladders are designed to be used only for holding liquids.

In your backpack, keep sharp objects away from the bladder. While they are built to be tough, if you leave a knife or other took exposed near the water bladder, you are risking damage.