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About Me

An avid lifetime camper. It’s not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle and I live it every single day!

“Jarvis knows his stuff! I’ve been on multiple overnights and back country tours with him and I would never choose a different guide.”

As a back country survivalist guide I take camping very seriously. For me it’s so much more than a hobby, it’s a real lifestyle and I couldn’t imagine not spending every day out in nature. My favorite think about being in nature is that I learn something new about the world and about myself every day and that means more to me than anything!

A Life of Camping

Jarvis Tatum

Ever since I was a young child I’ve felt a connection to the world around me through nature. The peace and tranquility I feel when outdoors is unmatched by anything else I’ve ever felt and I want to share that with everyone I meet. Now in my mid 30’s I’ve gained enough experience and knowledge that I feel I can’t keep it to myself. As a backcountry survival guide I get to share unique one-on-one experiences with other nature lovers on a daily basis, but I know there are far more people out there that I could inspire. I’ve created this website to give answers to questions I’ve been asked and have heard throughout my camping adventures. I hope you find this site useful and inspiring and I look forward to seeing you out there! 




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