Thermacells are a hot commodity for outdoor enthusiasts. They provide a mosquito-free zone and they smell nice too. But it’s not always easy to get them to work properly, especially if you’re new to Thermacell usage. It’s easy to use them right if you follow some simple steps. We’ll show you how.

How to Use Thermacell Handheld Devices

The Thermacell isn’t going to work for you if you don’t have it put together right. If you are using the handheld Thermacell device:

  1. Make sure the “On/Off” switch is in the “Off” position.
  2. Place a new mosquito repellent mat under the unit’s black grill.
  3. Make sure the fuel cartridge is tightly attached to the bottom of the device.
  4. Put in a new butane cartridge if it’s not already installed.
  5. If you are using a holster, make sure the hole in the hood is in alignment with device.
  6. Slide the switch to “On.” You should see an orange glow on the top of the device.
  7. Wait about 10 seconds.
  8. Press the start button about five times quickly.

For best results do not walk around with the device while it is working. Leave it in the center of where you want it to work and allow it between 15 and 30 minutes to take effect. Then, slide the switch to “Off.” The Thermacell will protect the area up to 225 square feet.

Use it over and over as needed. The mat will last for 4 continuous hours of use and the butane should last for 12 hours of continuous use. When the mat turns from blue to white, the efficacy of the mat is gone.

Do not use it indoors.

How to Use the Thermacell E55 Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller

The standing unit of Thermacell works basically the same way, but has a different power source: a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can be charged with a USB cable.

To use:

  1. Fully charge the battery. You’ll see moving dots while it charges, then you’ll have 3 white dots when fully charged. As battery wanes, dots will go out. When you are down to one light, you have too little battery power to use the Thermacell.
  2. Make sure you have fresh repellent in the unit. Set in a new refill wick if needed.
  3. Place your device in the center of the zone you want to protect.
  4. Place it upwind if windy outside.
  5. Do not cover the repeller when you going to use it.
  6. Turn the device on. It will blink while warming up and will be solidly lit when it’s releasing the repellent.
  7. Let it go for about 15-20 minutes and then turn off.

These units are super easy to use and they’ll work great if you use them correctly and make sure you have adequate power and repellent.

How Can You Tell if a Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Is Working?

There are a few ways to tell if your Thermacell mosquito repeller is working correctly. One sure-fire way is to look at the amount of mosquitoes that are flying around in the area. If you notice a decrease in mosquitoes, then it’s likely that the device is working properly. Another way to tell if it’s working correctly is by watching the unit itself. If it’s not heating up before your eyes, then something is wrong and the unit will need to be fixed or replaced.

What Should You do if the Device Isn’t Working?

If you notice that there are still mosquitoes in the area after using your device for 15-20 minutes, check your device to make sure you have it set up correctly, you have adequate power and the repellent (mat or wick) is in good shape.

Replace the power source and repellent to see if that does the trick. If you’re still not getting the desired results, it might be time to replace your unit with a new one.

How to Properly Store a Thermacell Unit

A great thing about these devices is that they’re pretty easy to store and you don’t have to worry much about them.

Store the Thermacell out of reach from children, away from heat sources, and where pets can’t get too close either. Do not leave your device outside or exposed to the elements. Never submerge the unit in water. If it does fall into the water, do not use the device.