It’s important to know how to wash a down Patagonia jacket in order to protect the quality of the garment. You’ll need some information before you start washing your down Patagonia though.

It is highly recommended to hand wash Patagonia and not put it in the washing machine! Dry cleaning is recommended for any stains or spills on your down Patagonia.

In a pinch, can you wash it on gentle in your washing machine? Maybe. We’ll cover all the how-tos regarding the washing, care and storage of your Patagonia jacket.

The Best Way to Wash a Down Patagonia Jacket

The very best way to wash a down Patagonia jacket is to hand wash. It is the sure-fire way not to cause damage and to keep your jacket looking great:

  • Hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent (down-specific, if possible)
  • Gently squeeze the suds through the fabric, taking care not to rub or scrub
  • Rinse well in cool water, making sure all of the soap is removed
  • Shake off excess moisture and hang to dry indoors away from direct sunlight or heat sources; a clothesline is ideal

Let your jacket hang-dry until you can tell it is dry inside and out. Press in the jacket from both sides to sense whether there is any wetness still inside in the filling.

If You Put a Down Patagonia in the Washing Machine

If you are in a hurry and need to use your automatic washer, you can do it. But be careful and keep an eye on it. And don’t put it in the dryer after!

  • If you must use a washing machine, select the gentle cycle and cold water setting; use a front-loading washer if possible
  • Remove your jacket from the machine as soon as the wash cycle is complete and hang to dry. Do not wring it.
  • Do not put your down Patagonia in the dryer – this will damage the feathers and the jacket will not loft properly
  • If you live in a humid climate, it is best to air dry your jacket indoors away from direct sunlight or heat sources; a clothesline is ideal. A drying rack or even on the rod of a shower can work well, too.

Again, let your jacket hang-dry until you can tell it is dry inside and out.

Can You Take a Down Patagonia Jacket to the Cleaners?

If you do not want to hand wash your down Patagonia or wait for it to dry after washing, the next best option is to take it in for professional cleaning.

If you are concerned about the chemicals used in the traditional dry cleaning process, many dry cleaners now offer a more environmentally friendly cleaning process. Ask for it when you go to let them know it’s what you prefer.

How Do I Fluff Up a Down Jacket After Washing?

After your jacket is thoroughly dry from hang-drying, you can put it into the dryer on the no-heat “fluff” cycle. If you have wool dryer balls or even regular old tennis balls, you can put a couple in there with your jacket to help separate and fluff up the down. Never use a heat cycle, though. This could melt the outer shell of your jacket.

How to Spot-Clean a Patagonia

If you get a stain on your down jacket, follow the same steps above. But if it’s a small area, you may not want to go through an entire wash and dry routine. If you need to treat a small stain, you can try these steps.

Mild Dish Soap

A dish soap that is tough on grease can be gentle enough for your Patagonia. Make a mild solution of soap and water and pat on the spot. Pat with clean water, then hang to dry.


Alcohol is recommended by Patagonia to be used as a degreaser to remove surface oils if soap doesn’t do it.

Using a Stain Stick

You can use a stain stick on any of your down jackets. But be careful with the amount you put on and follow the instructions. Before you decide to do this, test an inconspicuous area inside of your jacket to see if it works without blemishing the fabric.

Tough Stains on a Patagonia

If you have something really difficult to remove, like blood stains, motor oil, ink, sap or wine, check out the Patagonia website. They have specific recommendations for all of these accidents and more.